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APIs: a clear commercial return?
31 Mar 2014

Carriers have been exploring the ins and outs of opening their programming interfaces to outside developers, such as OTTs. Capacity considers the upside of making APIs accessible.

Slim slams new Mexican telecoms regulations
28 Mar 2014

Tycoon Carlos Slim has criticised Mexico’s new telecoms bill and demanded that the country’s officials review the proposals, the Financial Times reports.

Video caching – a cache-rich opportunity?
28 Mar 2014

Video caching, like traditional caching, speeds up response time by storing the most popular internet content and delivering it from the operator’s network rather than repeatedly retrieving it from the remote source.

Phil Twist, NSN Q&A: Enhancing network performance
25 Mar 2014

In February, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) extended its service portfolio to help telecoms operators enhance network performance. Phil Twist, head of portfolio marketing at NSN, talks Capacity through some of its latest solutions.

Friday Network News: March 21
21 Mar 2014

Capacity brings you the latest network news. If you have network developments you'd like us to share, please tweet us @capacitymag or email

Mexico set to send telecoms reforms to congress
20 Mar 2014

The Mexican government will send new legislation to congress this week, in a bid get the country’s telecoms laws reformed and limit the power of Carlos Slim and top broadcaster Televisa.

TeliaSonera launches PoP in Florida, US
19 Mar 2014

TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) has launched a PoP in the city of Boca Raton, Florida, in an effort to increase its connectivity into South America.

BT launches cybersecurity solution in Brazil
18 Mar 2014

UK-based BT has launched its Assure Threat Monitoring service in Brazil, in a move designed to alleviate security concerns over cloud computing and BYOD services.

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