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CBAN Showcase 2020

03-05 November 2020

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Capacity Asia 2020

01-02 December 2020

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Mexico Connect 2021

21 September 2021
Mexico City, Mexico

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Evaluating Opportunities in the Digital Infrastructure Space Post COVID

5 November at 2pm ET / 11am PT / 8pm CET How is the Digital Infrastructure space today preparing for a Post Covid environment? And how are investors evaluating opportunities in the sector? This Webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities that companies, operators and investors are seeing in the Digital Infrastructure space. In an increasingly competitive environment, the entire ecosystem needs to function properly in order for businesses, consumers and other end users to have reliable internet service and connectivity. This includes data center owners and operators, hyperscalers, Content Delivery Networks, Fiber Operators, Community Broadband Providers, Wireless Carriers and others that are making 5G and Edge Computing possible. What will you learn from this webinar? • Given the rapid consolidation and the increasing multiples in the sector, where do investors see opportunities for growth and returns? • How are the various infrastructure providers and wireless carrires working together to bring 5G to the masses in a cost-effective manner. And which 5G applications are likely to become most prevalent in the near future? • How are all the ecosystems working together to support the increased demand? INTRO Speaker: Sean Yajnik, Mergers & Acquisitions, Societe Generale PANEL Moderator: Richard Knowlton, Managing Director - Technology, Media and Telecom Finance, Societe Generale Panelists: 1. Ryan Thom, Investment Director, Antin Infrastructure Partners 2. Chris Moon, Managing Director, Digital Colony Credit 3. Joe Harar, Chief Financial Officer, EdgeConneX 4. Brett Lindsey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Everstream 5. Dagan T. Kasavana, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Tower International 6. Valtin Gallani, Director, Societe Generale 7. Anton Moldan, Managing Director, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

22h | Antin Infrastructure Partners, Digital Colony Credit, EdgeConneX, Everstream, MIRA, Phoenix Tower International, Macquarie


Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards

22 October 2020 | Capacity Media


Combatting Microaggressions and Inequalities

22 October 2020 | Taylor Rae Almonte Fitness Instructor and Racial Justice Activist

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Built for the future

3h | Natalie Bannerman


The big three zero

3h | Melanie Mingas


Age of data monetisation

3h | João Marques Lima


The core of Diversity and Inclusion

23 October 2020 | Abigail Opiah

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