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6 June

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès | Cannes, France
Today's Top Story

Today's Top Story

Google has announced the first ever fibre optic route to directly connect Africa with Australia.
With women stepping down from senior roles at an alarming rate, Saf Malik investigates and explores ways to empower more women to pursue C-Suite
Pan-European carrier RETN has made three significant enhancements to its network infrastructure in Poland, which it hopes will improve internet connectivity across Central and Eastern Europe.
Nokia has deployed a new subaquatic and future-proof Optical, IP and fibre broadband network in the Amazon Rainforest alongside Global Fiber Peru.
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Latest News

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In-depth (features and interviews)

In today's world, where artificial intelligence (AI) is booming and digital needs are soaring, the demand for data centre capacity is skyrocketing. As businesses adopt AI to innovate and grow, the need for strong data centre capacity has become more important than ever.
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