The north in October, the whole wide world in 2022

Satellite company OneWeb will be a completely wholesale operation from the commercial launch of its $2.4 billion project in October, executive chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

09 March 2021 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

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    Raxio's growth phase

    13 April 2021 | Melanie Mingas

    The Raxio Group is on track to launch up to 12 facilities across Africa within three years, and last month it named a new backer helping to bring the plans to life. Company president Robert Mullins tells Melanie Mingas how the group is bringing a metro edge model to Africa

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    Africa’s untapped opportunities

    12 April 2021 | Natalie Bannerman

    Data centre veteran Wouter Van Hulten talks to Natalie Bannerman about how Africa is preparing to leapfrog the west in infrastructure developments, and why PAIX is at the heart of it all

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    Liquid expands into a cloud company

    12 April 2021 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Liquid Telecom began as a carrier providing services across Africa. Now, CEO Nic Rudnick tells Alan Burkitt-Gray why they’ve changed the name to reflect the group’s new business.

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    Colossal growth in Kenya’s hyperscale infrastructure space

    12 April 2021 | Abigail Opiah

    Building infrastructure in any emerging market takes time and patience. As IXAfrica breaks grounds in Kenya, Guy Willner, CEO and chairman of IXcellerate tells Abigail Opiah that construction on the continent is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ venture.

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    The story of deal 13

    23 March 2021 | Melanie Mingas

    Sinch CEO Oscar Werner tells Melanie Mingas how and why the firm got its foothold in India, and why the coming years will see more app dollars rerouted to messaging innovations

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    Leading the WAN

    22 March 2021 | Melanie Mingas

    Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks, talks to Melanie Mingas about the new use cases SD-WAN is bringing to life