America enters 5G race

“By the end of 2019, the United States will have 92 5G deployments in markets nationwide.” These are the bold claims made by President Donald Trump at a White House event on 5G deployment in April 2019.

06 May 2019 | Natalie Bannerman

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    Working towards a zero touch future

    17 April 2019 | Guy Matthews

    Carriers are inching towards the dream of ‘zero touch’ networks, where everything from provisioning to trouble shooting is automated. Guy Matthews examines how close we are to this reality

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    How to maintain a cutting edge

    16 April 2019 | Gareth Willmer

    With 5G on its way, demand continues to grow around processing data at the edge for better-quality, lower-latency services. Gareth Willmer investigates

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    New summit will bring the industry together for 5G

    15 April 2019 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Capacity and its sister companies have come together to create a new event to help all sectors of the business benefit from 5G and develop business in the new markets. Alan Burkitt-Gray introduces the Communications Infrastructure Summit

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    Latin America: a region in transition

    12 April 2019 | Natalie Bannerman

    With over 600 million people across 26 countries, the needs across Latin America (Latam) are like night and day – no one set rule applies. This was ever apparent at this year’s Capacity Latam conference that took place in São Paulo.

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    A smart path to urban happiness

    20 February 2019 | Gareth Willmer

    Middle Eastern governments are putting themselves among the forefront of smart city developments. How can carriers get involved? Gareth Willmer reports

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    10 leading 5G projects

    19 February 2019 |

    Projects are the cornerstone of any new technological advancement. They allow us to discover new use cases, fine tune standards and test technologies in real-life environments.