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Capacity North America 2018
The annual meeting for carriers to monetise new services including cloud & content delivery

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O’Brien’s Deep Blue Cable to back O’Brien’s Digicel in Caribbean infrastructure project

Digicel, the Caribbean mobile operator owned by Irish businessman Denis O’Brien, has brought in O’Brien’s subsea venture Deep Blue Cable to support its government contracts.

17h | Alan Burkitt-Gray


Forthcoming Events

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Subsea Connect

Subsea Americas 2018

03-04 December 2018
Fort Lauderdale, United States

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Metro Connect USA 2019

29-31 January 2019
Miami, United States

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WAN Summit

WAN Summit New York 2019

08-09 April 2019
New York, United States




Navigating Telecom Billing – From Wholesale to Digital Services

The advent of the digital transformation has brought a host of new age content, OTT services, aggregators, IoT offerings and a lot more. There is both a challenge and an opportunity here, and CSPs are already paving the path to evolve into DSPs. There is a balance in the bigger picture as well: to manage and defend traditional business and connectivity; and to look at newer areas, unlock possibilities and thrive in the data business. Digital services billing management is a critical element in the CSP transformation process. There is no one-stop approach, but a process that will have various milestones along the digital journey will only help CSPs achieve expansion, trusted partnerships, collaborations and customer satisfaction. The dynamic digital eco-system also brings forth regulatory changes and developments. This webinar will be decoding the digital billing conundrum. Spinning off from our recently published POV, we will be talking about how CSPs can expand on their footprint, using their already established infrastructure to: 1. Simplify the interconnect business models to keep margins clean 2. Re-look at partnership models, and expand partner base for new revenue streams 3. Manage customer interaction through different communication channels possibly decreasing cost but increasing coverage 4. Minimize fraud involving partnerships and content

10 October 2018 | Martin Bedford, Portfolio Head, Debolina Ray, Product Director – Partner Settlement


Mongolia – Entering the Next Emerging Carrier Market

10 October 2018 | Uranchimeg Andrai (CITA), Zolbayar Chuluuntsetseg (ICN), & Tatsuya Hamada (MOBICOM)


Data solutions in the age of OTT. One size doesn’t fit all.

29 August 2018 | Alok Shukla, VP Data Products, Airtel Global Business


A global SD-WAN client journey: 3 years of experience for a global manufacturer

08 August 2018 | Speakers: Tim Sullivan, CEO, Coevolve and David Stork, Major Projects and Training Manager, Detmold Group


Michael Wheeler of NTT speaks to Capacity TV

25 July 2018 | Alan Burkitt-Gray