Adtran whizzes data at 800Gbps over live 2,220km network

Adtran whizzes data at 800Gbps over live 2,220km network

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Optical networking company Adtran has delivered data at 800Gbps over a New York state educational network.

The field trial was over a live 2,220km network run by the New York State Education and Research Network (NYSERNet), and transmission was error-free, said Adtran.

Sorin Tibuleac, director of system architecture for Adtran’s optical networks, said: “We’ve taken single-carrier 800Gbps data transmission further than ever before. And we’ve achieved it not in a lab but in a real-world network also carrying live traffic.”

NYSERNet connects 78 educational and research institutions, including City University of New York (pictured), Columbia University, Cornell University and – out-of-state – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

NYSERNet chief network architect Bill Owens said: “We’re pleased to play a key role in this trial and proud of our record-breaking network. Alongside our partners, we’re showing that the highest speeds are now possible over extremely long distances, even in intricate and heterogeneous network environments.”

Adtran said the trial “showcases an opportunity for network operators to increase capacity and efficiency while minimizing complexity and cost”. The trial used digital signal processing technology from Acacia and the test route passed through 14 route-and-select reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs), with 28 wavelength-selective switches.

“The potential to enhance throughput while minimizing opex and operational complexity is immense,” said Tibuleac.

Owens said: “This demo reveals a way to address complexity and cost while eliminating the need for expensive and unnecessary infrastructure expansion. … The success of this trial offers a major boost to the research and education institutions we support.”

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