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Can carriers balance data sovereignty?
09 Mar 2016

As governments adopt a tougher stance on data protection and exert greater control online, dramatic legislative battles are unfolding that could result in a rather unforgiving world for telecoms operators. Alex Hawkes investigates.

ZTE warns shareholders to ‘exercise caution’ after US ban
09 Mar 2016

ZTE says it is carrying out a “thorough assessment” of the impact of the trade embargo imposed on it by the US on Monday, and adds that it is cooperating with US authorities. Shareholders should “exercise caution”, said the company.

US threatens trade war on ZTE over exports to Iran
08 Mar 2016

A trade war between China and the US is on the verge of breaking out over the US Department of Commerce’s new rules that could cripple ZTE’s exports to many – if not all – parts of the world.

USEI completes US fibre network
08 Mar 2016

US satellite and terrestrial connectivity provider USEI has deployed a 10G fibre network connecting its west and east coast teleports.

SoftBank to split into two businesses
08 Mar 2016

SoftBank has announced that it will reorganise the organisation into two subsidiaries, with its global investment business separated from its domestic operations.

Sabey Data Center adds PoP to Manhattan facility
04 Mar 2016

Sabey Data Centers has partnered with Brooklyn Fiber, which will see the New York ISP establish a point of presence (PoP) and expand network resources at Sabey’s Inergate.Manhattan facility.

MEF appoints first-ever CTO
03 Mar 2016

The MEF has announced that it has appointed Pascal Menezes as its first-ever chief technology officer.

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