The Monet subsea cable is ready for service

The Monet subsea cable is ready for service

Algar Telecom, Angola Cables, Antel, Google and TE SubCom have announced that the Monet Cable System (Monet) is now ready for service with commercial traffic due to begin shortly.

This news means that the low-latency 10,556km submarine cable connecting Florida to Brazil is complete and ready to provide approximately 64Tbps of capacity to users.

Commenting on the news, Antonio Nunes, chairman of the Monet Executive Committee said: “We are proud to have completed this project with SubCom in the most efficient manner possible. The open cable approach enabled each Monet party to meet its respective network objectives while still benefitting from the strengths of a joint build partnering model. Each of the parties, working with TE SubCom, was able to create a network that should meet our technology and cost needs well into the future.”

The Monet cable has been built using SubCom’s Open Cables concept, providing the consortium of owners with choice and flexibility in the selection of line cards while continuing to take advantage of the latest wet plant technology. As a complete offering Monet provides a powerful and stable internet backbone designed to serve the current connectivity needs in the Latin American region as well as meeting the needs for the increased capacity demands in the future.

“The successful implementation of Monet is the result of excellent teamwork between TE SubCom and the purchasers to mitigate project risks. TE SubCom is proud to have delivered on time a flexible, highly reliable system to this distinguished group of customers,” said Debra Brask, vice president of project management at TE SubCom.

Shore landings for Monet include Boca Raton, Florida; Fortaleza, Brazil and Praia Grande, Brazil.

Back in September, TE SubCom, announced the launch of a global network operations centre (NOC) solution. The new offering is designed to provide cable operators with a single source for fault, configuration, alarm, performance, security and maintenance network management. The Monet subsea cable was one of the first to select SubCom’s NOC solution.

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