Neutrona deploys Packet Design’s real-time routing analytics

Neutrona deploys Packet Design’s real-time routing analytics

Neutrona has deployed Packet Design’s real-time routing analytics across its pan-regional network infrastructure to support it migration to SDN.

The solution is said to provide visibility into routing behaviour for all IGP and BGP protocols, MPLS VPNs, and traffic engineering tunnels.

Neutrona’s engineering, operations, and planning teams are said to be able to use the system’s real-time monitoring, back-in-time forensic analysis and modelling capabilities to troubleshoot issues quickly as well as accurately plan for network changes and optimisation.

“Latin America has a growing demand for data transmission, especially from multi-national businesses who expect high levels of telecommunications services and reliability,” said Mateo Ward, CEO at Neutrona Networks. “Neutrona is enabling international carriers to meet these needs with our company-wide initiative to improve network services, and Packet Design will ensure superior performance across the multiple service and transport combinations we offer.”

Packet Design’s real-time analytics will also be leveraged in Neutrona’s SDN environment, providing monitoring, diagnostics, planning and reporting value propositions directly applicable to SDN deployments across the wide area network (WAN).

“Overall, this new network architecture will allow us to provide a more resilient and flexible solution for our clients, and Packet Design is a big part of our plan, especially for end-to-end control during the service migration and as we deploy carrier SDN,” said David Flamini, leader, network architect team, Neutrona Networks.


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