Data drives growth in Nicaragua
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Data drives growth in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan market will begin to grow due to the increased use of data services, according to a report by Pyramid Research.

The Nicaraguan market generated $445 million revenue in 2010, which was a decline from 2009 revenues. This is attributed to the lower revenues generated from voice in the mobile and fixed sectors.

Over the next five years, fixed broadband is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.4% to reach $45 million, attributed to Yota’s entrance into the market causing increased competition and reduced prices.

Mobile data is expected to grow at 16.2% to reach $41 million by 2015 due to operators pushing SMS and mobile internet to reduce voice dependency as its growth slows. Mobile voice is expected to grow by 6.9% over five years as mobile adoption increases, reducing the gap with the rest of Central America. VoIP is the fastest growing sector growing at a CAGR of 77.2% but still remains the smallest sector, only making up 0.5% by 2015.


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