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A BICS study into wholesale telecoms has found that that while traditional voice is declining, VoIPX traffic is expected to increase by more than 22%, reaching $2.1 billion in value by the year's end.

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11 Nov 2017
Carriers are trying to enable business transformation for enterprises, but to do so they need to transform themselves first Verizon’s associate director of product strategy Oliver Cantor tells James Pearce
10 Nov 2017
Innovation isn’t simply about bringing new and different services to market. It needs to touch every facet of a company’s activities in order to truly have an impact.
09 Nov 2017
The future of internet exchange points is collaboration, “the point is not to be the biggest, it’s to be clever enough to make sure you facilitate the entry of a new network, instead of wanting to be the only one connecting this new network,” says France-IX CEO, Franck Simon.