TEOCO launches ASSET Capacity mobile network tool

26 May 2016 | Jason McGee-Abe

TEOCO, the provider of engineering, assurance and analytics solutions to communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide, has announced the launch of ASSET Capacity, its newly rebranded network capacity planning tool.

ASSET Capacity replaces DIMENSION and the tool if fully integrated into TEOCO’s ASSET planning suite enables operators to plan their entire network capacity across each element, from radio access to backhaul and transport core. It provides network visualisation, capacity management and scenario forecasting.

“Our renaming of ASSET Capacity is about more than making our branding consistent,” said Atul Jain, CEO of TEOCO.

“By adding ASSET Capacity into our wider suite of network planning tools, we’re providing operators with a comprehensive solutions portfolio for planning their networks based on actual subscriber usage and traffic patterns.”

Operators can plan capacity against specific KPIs and automatically incorporate all of their live network’s multi-vendor and multi-technology topology – sites, network elements, physical links, routing paths and more – into ASSET Capacity’s planning modules.