TTK launches 100G in Russia

15 October 2013 |

TransTeleCom (TTK) has commercially launched its 100G network in Russia, in collaboration with equipment vendor Cisco.

TTK has launched its 100G Ultra-Long-Haul (ULH) wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) network on the St Petersburg-Moscow and Moscow-Chelyabinsk-Yekaterinburg routes, claimed to be the world’s longest data transfer segment in land-line networks.

Cisco’s optical technology has increased TTK’s backbone network capacity from 40Gbps to 100Gbps and the network is now expected to deliver consistently high-quality connectivity to TTK customers.

Artem Kudryavtsev, president, TTK, said: “The ULH DWDM technology is the most advanced in the world. It will increase the total throughput of TTK’s launched network sections by six times and its implementation will guarantee new connection and data-transfer quality for our corporate customers.”

The first phase of the launch covers 3,000km of TTK’s network and amounts to 20% of the expected 100G roll-out across Russia.

Kudryavtsev confirmed that the company was implementing the technology in other network segments.

Bill Gartner, VP of high-end routing and optical group at Cisco, said: “TTK’s backbone network is the most advanced in Russia and is a crucial part of the country’s essential telecom infrastructure; its constant development and extension is of utmost importance, not only for the company, but also for the whole communications market.”

In March this year, TTK extended its FTTB network to reach an additional 3,000 households.