GlobalNet launches 400G connections in Frankfurt

GlobalNet launches 400G connections in Frankfurt

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GlobalNet has upgraded its main Arista switch to the latest version on its communication centre in Frankfurt, enabling access to the 400G ports.

One of the first 400G clients connected via the DATAIX traffic exchange points has been a major, unnamed hosting provider that can now use more modern interfaces.

“Network modernisation is one of our main business development strategies. We constantly thrive to offer our clients the latest technology advances and solutions," said Alex Surkoff, business development director at GlobalNet.

"As a result, there will be another major upgrade on network points in Stockholm.”

Since the upgrade, the company has reported a significant increase in network point connections, with it being up by 32%.

This is most evident in the Frankfurt region due to an increased traffic demand coming from Ukraine and Bulgaria.

"Last year we launched a new point of presence in Sofia, as we received many requests from our clients to organise a hub in the Bulgarian capital," added Surkoff.

"Now we are seeing a “snowballing effect”, when more and more new participants are connected to the network, because they are interested in sessions with our current clients."

By the end of the second quarter of this year, GlobalNet had gained more than 20 new customers for its services, including connections to the DATAIX Internet Exchange point and 10 more are on the way.

In related news, January saw DATAIX, the Dutch Internet exchange network of backbone provider GlobalNet, confirms its expansion into South Eastern Europe with one new point of presence (PoP) in Sofia.

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