Colt completes PoC enabling multicast data in cloud

Colt completes PoC enabling multicast data in cloud

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Colt has announced the completion of a cloud colocation proof of concept (PoC) which demonstrates the viability of hosting and distributing multicast data in the cloud for global Capital Market customers.

The testing, Colt says, is a step toward greater on demand services an automation for real-time raw data and trading application and brings Capital Market customers closer to leveraging the full benefits of cloudification of market data.

In the PoC, Colt worked with Amazon Web Services, (AWS) to build virtual distribution points of presence (PoPs) in the AWS Cloud.

This allows customers to lift and shift applications into the cloud without the need for any physical infrastructure, enabling services to be deployed rapidly and reducing service delivery.

Arthur Rank, global director for Capital Markets Solutions for Colt said: “Capital Market customers across the globe have increasingly been looking to the cloud to drive their digital transformations, but until now they have been limited by the inability of Cloud Service Providers to facilitate multicast.

“The success of this PoC presents a huge opportunity for Capital Markets to move as many workloads into the cloud as possible and truly leverage the flexibility, agility and speed of the cloud.”

Colt’s financial market solutions are underpinned by its IQ network 0 a 100Gbps optimised intelligent network distributed to more than 31,000 net buildings, 1,000 data centres and hundreds of data networks around the globe.

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