Alaska Communications introduces cybersecurity services

Cyber Security lock_54b1c2.jpg

Alaska Communications has announced it will be implementing cybersecurity services as part of its wider offering.

The firm says as cyber criminals become “more sophisticated than ever”, it is increasingly important to leverage its Security as a Service offering.

“For many organisations, managed security services are the best choice,” said Cindy Christopher, director of managed IT for Alaska Communications.

“Finding and keeping skilled cybersecurity personnel, especially in Alaska, is both challenging and expensive.

“Partnering with managed service providers, like Alaska Communications, gives businesses access to mature technologies that are otherwise difficult to manage and afford.”

Its cybersecurity offerings for businesses includes penetration testing, network security assessment, vCISO (virtual chief information security officer), Employee training and awareness and vulnerability management.

The company also recently announced it would offer satellite services to the Lower Yukon School District (LYSD) using hybrid satellite technology.