Nokia and Google trial network slicing solution for 4G/5G

Nokia and Google trial network slicing solution for 4G/5G

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Nokia and Google confirm the successful trial of network slice selection functionality on 4G/5G networks.

The trial took place at Nokia’s network slicing development centre in Tampere, Finland using UE Route Selection Policy (URSP) technology and Google Pixel 6 (Pro) phones powered by Android 13. Once operational, the solution will enable operators to deliver new 5G network slicing services and improve the customer application experience of devices on Android 13.

Specifically, URSP enable a smartphone to connect to multiple network slices simultaneously via different enterprise and consumer applications. The trial also used LTE-5G New Radio slice interworking functionality, which will enable operators to maximise existing network assets such as spectrum and coverage.

“New application-based URSP slicing solutions widen operator’s 5G network business opportunities," said Ari Kynäslahti, head of technology and strategy at Nokia Mobile Networks.

"We are excited to develop and test new standards-based URSP technologies with Android that will ensure that our customers can provide leading-edge enterprise and consumer services using Android devices and Nokia’s 4G/5G networks.”

URSP capabilities extend network slicing to new types of applications and use cases, allowing network slices to be tailored based on network performance, traffic routing, latency and security.

The URSP-based network slicing solution is also compatible with Nokia’s new 5G radio resource allocation mechanisms as well as slice continuity capabilities over 4G and 5G networks.

The trial was conducted using Nokia’s end-to-end 4G/5G network slicing product portfolio across RAN-transport-core as well as related control and management systems. It also included 5G network slice selection and connectivity based on enterprise and consumer application categories as well as 5G NR-LTE slice interworking functionalities.

Earlier this month, Nokia completed another trial with the successful deployment and testing of a 600Gbps line rate on Telekom Serbia and MTEL’s optical transport network over a distance of 600km.

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