Ericsson, TIM and Comau unveil 5G network slicing use cases

Ericsson, TIM and Comau unveil 5G network slicing use cases

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Ericsson and Telecom Italia (TIM) have successfully tested 5G network slicing at Comau’s headquarters in Turin, Italy.

Following the test, Ericsson says three new applications have been launched to demonstrate the advantages of network slicing, particularly in an industrial environment.

Daniele Franceschini, head of innovation at TIM said: “With partners such as Comau and Ericsson, we can guarantee the development of new services and networks that can be configured in real time with a high level of security to create customized business scenarios such as those related to Industry 4.0.

“Thanks to our skills we will contribute to digitalisation, providing solutions that improve the production processes of businesses and public administration.”

Network slicing refers to a virtual logical network slice of 5G that can support different application cases with different characteristics and requirements.

The same physical 5G network can therefore have multiple slices, each dedicated to a specific service or customer base, offering greater flexibility and latency.

The first use case captured the movement of a robot through ultra-low latency radio links, producing a synchronised digital twin.

The second focused on real-time monitoring of industrial assets through integration with Comau’s in.Grid digital platform.

The third use case demonstrated immersive telepresence for an enhanced remote support scenario. This allowed maintenance staff on site to receive support remotely by an expert in order to resolve problems by taking advantage of AR and digital tutorials.

Ericsson is high on network slicing, having worked with the likes of Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom in recent months on bringing viable use cases to market across several industries.

Ericsson and TIM aren’t the only companies to showcase network slicing in the past week. Amdocs recently announced it had been working with A1 Telekom Austria Group to showcase its end-to-end service and network orchestration.

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