Lightstorm connects DE-CIX IX's using smartnet network

Lightstorm connects DE-CIX IX's using smartnet network

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Lightstorm is to provide direct connectivity to DE-CIX’s Internet Exchanges from over 45 multi-tenant data centres (MTDC) where Lightstorm has a presence.

The partnership will allow customers of Lightstorm, an Indian carrier-neutral network infrastructure platform, to connect to the DE-CIX platform through its high-speed software-defined smartnet network. This new connectivity will enable Lightstorm to reduce latency for its customers, improve network resilience and deliver an optimised content experience to their users.

“We are committed to providing a truly state-of-the-art network infrastructure to Indian service providers and content players," said Amajit Gupta, chief executive officer at Lightstorm.

"Partnership with DE-CIX is a new milestone in our journey and allows us to provide greater value to our customers by allowing them to easily access the DE-CIX platform and enhance the end user’s experience. We are excited to partner with DE-CIX and are confident that it will provide a reliable exchange of traffic, allowing for improved performance for our customers.”

The combination of Lightstorm's network which has been designed to provide extreme resiliency to business users and DE-CIX's multi-service platform that offers interconnection services specifically designed for the needs of enterprises, will create a 'superior experience' by bringing content closer to the users in India.

Lightstorm's network uses utility-grade fibre infrastructure along with leaf-spine mesh network architecture. Its smartnet network, connects seven key economic hubs with over 12,000km of fibre and connecting over 45 MTDCs.

DE-CIX through its interconnection services, operates 32 carrier and data centre-neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lightstorm to expand our partner network in India," said Ivo Ivanov, chief executive officer at DE-CIX.

"Reliable connectivity is the bedrock of digital businesses and direct access to our Internet Exchanges will allow Lightstorm’s customers to benefit from improved reliability, better network performance, and modern interconnection services. We look forward to working together to provide truly world-class Internet connectivity to its partners.”

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