JPX adds Avelacom to arrownet-Global partnership

JPX adds Avelacom to arrownet-Global partnership

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Financial services institutions now have direct access to exchanges operated by Japan Exchange Group (JPX) courtesy of Avelacom.

Avelacom will support trading participants with one-stop-shop connectivity solutions through JPX’s arrownet-Global partnership. And enjoy an expanded presence in the Japanese market, as a result of the developments.

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom, explained: “Our infrastructure setup within JPX is a significant milestone for our development as it supports our growth in Japan. Among our clients are global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms, and all of them increasingly want to be able to trade multi-asset markets such as JPX’s financial instruments."

JPX comprises the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the Osaka Exchange (OSE), and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).

Larichev continued: "We already own the lowest latency routes to and from Tokyo. This gives us a head start in the provision of JPX market access solutions for financial services firms, both inside and outside of Japan.”

Traditionally, Avelacom is a low latency connectivity and data solutions provider for global financial markets. However, the firm has been building its presence in Tokyo for four years, with an office in the city to serve local clients and points-of-presence (PoPs) in several data centres. It has also obtained permission from the local telecommunications authority to provide telecoms services in Japan.

Now officially one of JPX's arrownet-Global Partner Network vendors, it can enable financial services institutions to directly access JPX exchanges and markets in cash equities, commodities, and derivatives via its own connectivity solutions.

Avelacom said this JPX infrastructure is now an integral part of its proprietary, ultra-low latency network across global financial exchanges, which will improve the convenience of market access to Japan’s capital markets for overseas market participants.

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