Digital Fortress deploys Richmond to Ashburn fibre network

Digital Fortress - Richmond.jpg

Digital Fortress has launched a new, redundant fibre network connecting its Richmond campus (pictured) in Virginia to Ashburn and Virginia Beach.

Described as a state of the art redundant fibre network, it offers private and direct access to Ashburn and Virginia beach for the Richmond data centre and surrounding campus, as well as tenants along Meadowville Technology Parkway.

The route uses high-capacity fibre and six-way duct systems to provide access to leading, Tier 1 carriers whose networks arrive at the Virginia Beach CLS and for those who need diversity between Richmond and Ashburn.

Juan Saca, CEO of Digital Fortress said: “We are extremely proud of this redundant fibre network launch. Not only does it bring the best network to our customers at Digital Fortress, it also supports the entire region, enabling further economic development.

"Today marks the day when this region has more choice, better connectivity, and most of all shows how investment can really change a region for the better. Our Richmond facility was already a world-class facility, and today we bring it to the top tier of what is best in class,” Saca continued.

The network offers an initial 288 strands of high capacity optical fibre, providing "almost limitless speeds and performance", according to Digital Fortress. It also has multiple access points and highly secure chambers.

Metro Fiber Networks assisted with the build.

Company president Gary Tarpley said: "As Digital Fortress’ construction partner, we are delighted to support this network build. It was a challenging build but we were fully supported by all the team and the council to complete what can only be described as a ‘gold standard’ of network build, with two banks of six east-west ducts and the ability to support thousands of fiber strands, this network not only offers the best in performance but also the best level of security, protection and global standards.”