T-Mobile wins in Opensignal’s 5G US speed awards

T-Mobile wins in Opensignal’s 5G US speed awards

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Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile US is leading its rivals, AT&T and Verizon, in 5G speed, availability and experienced, according to the latest Opensignal survey.

The speed differences are small, but T-Mobile users saw average 5G download speeds of 58.1Mbps, ahead of AT&T’s score of 53.8Mbps and Verizon on 47.4Mbps, says the company.

“All three carriers see big improvements in 5G availability,” adds Opensignal. “T-Mobile wins the 5G availability award with a score of 30.1%, up from 22.5% six months ago.”

For uploads, T-Mobile was also in top position, with a score of 14.0Mbps, ahead of Verizon in second place with 11.9Mbps, with AT&T is in third place with 8.0Mbps.

In the latest report, published today, the other 5G carriers have also made what Opensignal calls “impressive progress” since its last report: the proportion of time Verizon 5G users spent connected to 5G improved the most with a jump from the 0.4% seen in the last report to 9.5% and AT&T also saw an increase from 10.3% to 18.8%.

“The result is that 5G users on all the US carriers have been able to enjoy the superior 5G experience for more of the time.”

The company, which compiles its reports from individual measurements from devices, said the 5G experience is extremely competitive across all states in the US, except on 5G availability.

In 20 leading 5G states, T-Mobile had a clean sweep winning all its state 5G availability awards.

“Excluding availability, in 43% of state awards the honours were shared by two or more carriers, indicating a very close race.”

AT&T missed out on Opensignal’s national 5G awards, but had eight state awards and 33 joint wins. “T-Mobile and Verizon matched their national successes at the state level.”

But Verizon dominated the scores for 5G video experience, with a score of 64.9 on Opensignal’s 100-point scale and in top position — in some cases jointly — in all the US state video awards.


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