Orange joins AMITIÉ subsea consortium connecting the US to France

Orange joins AMITIÉ subsea consortium connecting the US to France

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Orange has announced that its capacity on the Dunant cable is now ready for service and that it is partnering on a new system connecting France to the East Coast of the US.

Orange confirms that its capacity on the recently landed Dunant subsea cable is now ready for service for its wholesale and business customers. The cable has 12 fibre pairs with over 30Tbps of capacity each available on the 6,400km system connecting Virginia, US and Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, France.

At the same time Orange has announced a partnership on the AMITIÉ cable that is due to go live in Q1 2022. Once approved by US regulatory authorities, the cable will connect Massachusetts, US to le Porge near Bordeaux in France. According to TeleGeography’s submarine cable map, Orange joins the likes of Facebook, Vodafone, Microsoft and Aqua Comms who form the consortium behind the new system.

In addition, the AMITIE cable offers 16 fibre pairs of up to 23Tbps of capacity each, bringing much-needed resiliency and traffic continuity across the Atlantic. Both AMITIE and Dunant deliver more capacity than all the other existing systems in service across the Atlantic.

“In the context of the explosion of international traffic, the arrival of a new generation of more efficient submarine cables, and in view of strategic issues and national sovereignty related to submarine cables, Orange continues to be a key global player,” said Jean-Luc Vuillemin (pictured), executive vice president of Orange International Networks, Infrastructures and Services.

“With capacity on these two cables, Orange will be able to offer the latest technology, diverse routes and the best latency to its customers once implemented.”


As landing provider on both systems, Orange is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the landing stations. With the arrival of AMITIE near Bordeaux, the area will transform into a new international digital hub, which will facilitate the development of new data centres to support the region’s digital ecosystem.

In addition, Orange will supply land connectivity for both systems from the landing station to Bordeaux and then to Paris and Lyon for one, and will offer capacity between Ashburn, Virginia and Paris.

“At Orange, we invest continually to provide faster, more flexible and more secured connectivity and these two new cables will enable us to get even closer to our customers in today's data-hungry environment,” said Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange International Carriers.

“Orange provides an enriched multiservice offering for carriers and content providers to better support their development strategies and ultimately to offer improved services to retail and business customers.”