QTS Realty Trust opens Phase 1 of Hilsboro data centre

QTS Realty Trust opens Phase 1 of Hilsboro data centre


QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS) has announced the formal opening of Phase 1 of the new QTS Hillsboro data centre.

Earlier this year, the company announced the pre-leasing of 100% of the first phase of development at the site to a global software-as-a-service provider representing approximately 4.5MW.

Hillsboro has existing fibre networks, internet exchanges, SDN exchanges, data centres and access to subsea cables serving thousands of customers. 

The company said that its Hillsboro campus has abundant networking in place. This includes connectivity for cloud and hybrid colocation including carrier-neutral cloud interconnection, multiple fibre routes and IP providers including the world's largest IP network, multiple dark and lit fibre providers, redundant transport paths and access to large cloud providers.

"We are proud to welcome QTS to Hillsboro at a time when it's essential that we work to keep our economy moving forward," said Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway.

"With QTS' ongoing investment, our entire region and state benefit from the creation of construction jobs, high-tech business opportunities, and additional revenues for vital public services." 

QTS Hillsboro initially encompasses a 158,000 sqf, 24MW data centre, representing the first data centre on the campus.

Future development plans call for the construction of five data centres aggregating more than 1 million sqf of leasable data centre capacity and more than 250MW of gross power capacity.

The QTS Hillsboro data centre and NAP joins the Hillsboro Ring that includes several count fibre optic rings that interconnect 14 data centres and provides dark fibre access to cable landing stations of multiple trans-Pacific subsea cable systems.

"This is a tremendous match: QTS is known as a leading software-defined data centre, and the city of Hillsboro is known as a global hub for innovation and technology," said Dan Dias, Hillsboro economic and community development director.

The company added that the only location all of these networks are available to peer with each other is the QTS Hillsboro NAP.

"We are very pleased to open our Hillsboro mega data centre with a full portfolio of connectivity and services already in place with the establishment of the QTS Hillsboro NAP," said Chad Williams, CEO of QTS.

"Our new Hillsboro campus strategically positions QTS with scale capacity in the Pacific Northwest to continue to support the growth of existing and prospective hyperscale and hybrid colocation customers."