Verizon partners Google Cloud for enhanced customer experience

Verizon partners Google Cloud for enhanced customer experience

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Verizon is partnering with Google Cloud for create a more ‘natural and streamlined digital experience’ for its customers.

The new solution will use artificial intelligence (AI) to help customer care agents respond to customer queries, as well as assist consumers directly.

Using the Google Cloud Contact Center AI solution, Verizon creates rich digital experiences and enable customers to drive the conversation.

Combining enhanced natural language recognition technologies, with faster processing and real-time access to customer insights and product information, customers can quickly find the answers to their questions while enabling agents to better assist with customer requests. 

“Verizon’s commitment to innovation extends to all aspects of the customer experience,” said Shankar Arumugavelu, global CIO and SVP at Verizon.

“These customer service enhancements, powered by the Verizon collaboration with Google Cloud, offer a faster and more personalised digital experience for our customers while empowering our customer support agents to provide a higher level of service.”

The collaboration will lead to shorter call times, quicker resolutions and improved outcomes for customer satisfaction.

Additionally, customers will not need to go through menu prompts or option trees, they simply say or type their request, and the natural-language recognition feature finds the best way to assist them.

For live agent requests, the Contact Center AI Agent Assist feature gives Verizon’s customer care agents a real-time digital assistant that fetches relevant articles within the knowledge base, and then recommends personalised responses to agents at each turn of the conversation.

“We’re proud to work with Verizon to help enable its digital transformation strategy,” said Thomas Kurian (pictured), CEO of Google Cloud.

“By helping Verizon reimagine the customer experience through our AI and ML expertise, we can create an experience that not only delights consumers, but also helps differentiate Verizon in the market.”

In addition, the machine learning model that powers the solution learns from millions of anonymised historical support logs about the type of questions customers ask and how they phrase their questions.