The Hidden Challenges of SD-WAN with Michael Martin

The Hidden Challenges of SD-WAN with Michael Martin

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Michael J. Martin, Senior Enterprise Architect for Networking and Security Infrastructure for global consulting firm McKinsey, this week covered the hidden challenges of SD-WAN during the WAN Wednesday session.

With extensive experience in network stack virtualisation, hybrid network technologies, SD-WAN and SDN overlay network architecture and distributed content delivery and global file systems, Martin dug deep into how open networking is progressing within SD-WAN, unexpected challenges as well as where standardisation is going in the SD-WAN market.

Martin also covered possible shifts in the market driven by M&A activity going on in the SD-WAN market, as well as possible issues with vendor lock-in.

One key take-home from Martin is that networking now is about the transaction. Tune in on Wednesdays to keep up to speed with the world of WAN, or listen at your own convenience on Spotify. You can listen to all the episodes here.

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