Wind River launches Kubernetes-based cloud native solution

Edge computing NEW.jpeg

Wind River, a provider of software for the intelligent edge, has launched the Wind River cloud platform, a Kubernetes-based offering for managing edge cloud infrastructure.

The platform meets the challenges of deploying and managing a physically distributed, cloud native vRAN infrastructure.

“Telecommunication infrastructure has been evolving from vertically integrated, monolithic solutions to disaggregated technology based on virtualisation and the cloud. Existing cloud infrastructure is unable to meet the new edge compute requirements that applications such as 5G, IoT, and MEC introduce,” said Paul Miller, vice president of telecommunications at Wind River. “Wind River Cloud Platform’s revolutionary capabilities make 5G possible by solving the problem of deploying and managing distributed networks and is an ideal match to service providers’ need for an operationally friendly, edge capable, multi-thousand node cloud. This new technology can become a de facto standard for production grade, distributed cloud infrastructure.”

The platform is built on the OpenStack Foundation’s open source project StarlingX to deliver the foundation for a geographically-distributed managed solution able to simplify operations by operation by providing single-pane-of-glass, zero-touch automated management of thousands of nodes. Regardless of their physical location.

“The scope of edge computing is vast and complex. StarlingX fulfils a real need for the right infrastructure to successfully realize cloud technology and services at the edge,” added Jonathan Bryce, executive director at OpenStack Foundation. “With the introduction of Wind River Cloud Platform, we are delighted to see the rapid maturity and innovation of a commercial implementation of StarlingX.”

In addition, the platform delivers orchestration of fully-automated software updates and upgrades across a geo-distributed cloud, with rollback capabilities. Unlike enterprise-class IT platforms, the cloud platform is an out-of-the-box open source solution designed specifically for edge compute that delivers ultra-low latency with deterministic performance.

“Wind River has been a long-standing contributor to open source projects. We are excited to have Wind River as a member of CNCF and we look forward to their contributions and collaboration to drive container technology to the edge,” continued Dan Kohn, executive director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “With Wind River Cloud Platform, Wind River is helping to further advance technologies such as Kubernetes at the edge.”