Vodafone partners Google Cloud for Neuron

Vodafone partners Google Cloud for Neuron

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Vodafone has partnered Google Cloud to host its strategic cloud platform Neuron, for data analytics, business intelligence and machine learning.

The news comes a part of the company’s Digital Vodafone transformation program, which seeks to use digital technologies to enhance customer experience in addition to investment in a number of new digital technologies.

"We want to lead the industry in capturing the benefits of digital. The capabilities that Google Cloud gives us will help accelerate our digital transformation," said Johan Wibergh, chief technology officer of Vodafone Group.

Thanks to this latest collaboration with Google Cloud, Vodafone will be able to create powerful real-time analytics from its vast sea of data to develop new products and services based on deeper customer insights. Leveraging this data, the company can better engage customers with more personalised support as well as using its anonymised data to help combat important societal issues.

Neuron allows the company to use real-time data analytics to gain unique insights into its business. Those insights will help the operator to further enhance its customer services, network planning and optimisation, and to provide personalised offers to customers.

The platform also uses other Google Cloud services including Dataflow, Dataproc, Cloud Composer, Data Fusion, BigQuery, and Google Kubernetes Engine. These services will help simply integration.

"We're in an era of businesses leveraging the cloud to reinvent themselves and create entirely new offerings and services,” added Thomas Kurian (pictured), CEO of Google Cloud. “We're excited that Vodafone has decided to leverage Google Cloud to ensure they successfully make the journey of business transformation."

In addition, Vodafone will also use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for hybrid infrastructure and containerisation and to develop its next-generation business intelligence platform. This will deliver insights faster and in a more standardised way, making it easier to compare performance across departments and local markets.

Earlier this week, Google launched its hotly-anticipated cloud-based video game streaming platform called Stadia. Additionally, its Curie cable, linking the US to Chile, completed installation and successful testing.

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