Telia Carrier set to install RPKI to global backbone

Telia Carrier set to install RPKI to global backbone

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Telia Carrier has announced that it will be implementing resource public key infrastructure (RPKI) technology to its global network.

RPKI, which has struggled with poor uptake across resource owners and network operators like IPv6, is a technology that validates and secures critical route updates or BGP announcements on its global internet backbone. It reduces the risk of accidental route leaks, or even hijacks, which can result in critical outages or fraudulent traffic manipulation.

“As the leading global internet backbone, route stability is paramount and we encourage our network customers, peers and the internet community, in general, to support the RPKI initiative by implementing it in their own networks,” explained Jorg Dekker, head of internet services at Telia Carrier.

“We joined MANRS officially last year, and after extensive testing we’re confident that RPKI is sufficiently stable and secure to be rolled-out in our global network. We have already implemented RPKI filtering towards our peering partners and are currently extending this to our customer connections.”

RPKI is a mechanism by which IP resource owners can ensure that they provide an authoritative list of allowable upstreams to the world. Network operators that adopt RPKI validation and filtering can then choose to reject announcements from networks not authorised to advertise those resources.

Apart from ensuring the best possible service and availability for directly connected customers, Telia Carrier’s position as one of the major internet backbones carries with it the extra responsibility of ensuring the security and stability of internet routing as a whole.

Internet connectivity has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives and the networks at its core are more important than ever. Telia Carrier firmly believes implementing RPKI is a way to improve the integrity of the internet core.

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