FREE WEBINAR: The New NetFlow - A 20-Year-Old Secret for Better Network Management

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It’s been more than 20 years since Cisco first introduced NetFlow as a scalable way to track network activity without collecting raw packets.

To this day, network operators who use NetFlow and other types of flow data for network management still report the benefits, which include a lightweight monitoring footprint, faster troubleshooting, more effective planning, and automated security. 

However, when any technology survives for two decades, it raises the question: Is NetFlow outdated? Are there other data sources and technologies that are newer, faster, and more detailed for achieving network visibility?

Moderated by Jim Meehan, head of Product Marketing at Kentik, the session will address:

  • What’s new with NetFlow?

  • Why is NetFlow more useful than ever before?

  • What are the new native fields in NetFlow that extend visibility to/from firewalls, load balancers, and MPLS?

  • And how can you achieve enrichment by adding data that’s not within flow records?

Additionally,  Meehan will advise on why NetFlow is better than ever and remains an invaluable source of truth for network operators looking to get immediate answers to network questions.