Equinix reveals $2bn data centre expansion

Equinix reveals $2bn data centre expansion

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Equinix will spend nearly $2 billion to open 12 new International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres and expand 23 existing IBX data centres in 2019.

The interconnection and data centre company revealed its plans in a Q1, 2019 earnings call.

Equinix has already opened centres in France’s capital, Paris, and in Shanghai - one of China’s largest cities.

Its Q2 centre openings are taking place in the capital cities of Helsinki in Finland, Sofia in Bulgaria, and Tokyo in Japan.

In Q3, new openings will also take place in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, South Korea’s capital city of Seoul and Poland’s capital, Warsaw.

The cities of Hamburg in Germany and Singapore in China will also open new centres in Q4.

Charles Meyers, CEO, Equinix, said: "As digital transformation is reshaping virtually every industry across the globe, companies are thinking differently about how they interact with every element of their supply chain, and a clear architecture of choice is emerging – one that is cloud-first, distributed and hybrid.”

The company’s most recent expansion in April 2019 saw LD7, its eighth IBX in London, open to support the growing demand of this strategic market.

Including current expansion projects, Equinix will have invested over $1.2 billion to build and expand its presence in the London area.

Equinix IBX Data Centre virtual tour

Equinix stated that it will spend $1.730 to $1.920 billion of non-recurring capital in 2019 on the IBX data centres, which, where applicable, will have direct connections to other centres within each metro via fiber links between the sites.

By providing this new capacity, Equinix continues to extend Platform Equinix, and support enterprises to deploy their IT infrastructure and services at the digital edge in more than 50 metros across the globe.

The company currently operates 202 IBX data centres in 24 countries and 52 metros across 22.2 million gross square feet of data center space.

In addition to the 12 new IBX openings in 2019, Equinix expansions of existing IBX data centres include 23 projects that will open in 2019.

These include the Netherland’s capital city of Amsterdam and five US states — Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas Seattle and New York.

In addition, the city of Frankfurt in Germany will have three expansion projects along with Hong Kong.

London in the UK will receive the largest amount of expansions with four.

The cities of Madrid in Spain, Osaka in Japan, Paris in France, and Perth in Australia will all receive one data centre each, with Sweden’s capital, Zurich, receiving two metro expansion projects along with another Stockholm.

"Connectivity is critical for the development of modern distributed, hybrid, multi-cloud environments,” said Kelly Morgan, VP data centre infrastructure and services, 451 Research.

“Data centre facilities that offer the ability to interconnect with an extensive ecosystem of network and cloud providers can provide enterprises with distinctive strategic advantages in their markets.

“Equinix's data centres and its expanding interconnection platform provide the type of environment that enables companies to accelerate their cloud strategies and execute on digital transformation."

Equinix recently focused on enhancing its Platform Equinix with expanded connectivity options.

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