Exclusive: Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier launches

Exclusive: Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier launches

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In line with the first day of Capacity Europe, the international wholesale arm of Deutsche Telekom has today announced the adoption of a new name: Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.

With new strategic goals and expanded offerings, the company says "this name will better reflect Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s approach to providing seamless global connectivity".

The international wholesale market is continually evolving, necessitating quick solutions to new ever-increasing challenges. To support agility, speed, flexibility and creativity, the international wholesale arm of Deutsche Telekom has implemented a fresh strategy to more quickly provide innovative solutions that will in turn result in a superior customer experience. To emphasize these changes, Deutsche Telekom decided to give its international wholesale business a name that better symbolizes the organization’s goals and new ways of working.

Rolf Nafziger, senior vice president of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, explained the rationale behind the new name: “Technological transformations are happening at amazing speed, opening up a new era of global connectivity. To help our customers prepare for an uncertain tomorrow, we saw the need to make changes to how we conduct our international wholesale business. We will now tighten our focus on fostering innovation, initiating partnerships and exceeding customer expectations – with future-proof solutions and higher flexibility. These actions will secure our place as a driving force shaping the future of telecommunications.”

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has begun measures to improve and simplify customer experiences. This will in part be done by implementing big data, AI and digitisation to centralise processes and enable a more transparent overview. The result will reduce the time needed for procurement, ordering and delivery. In addition, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is taking steps to enlarge strategic partnerships and explore areas that are not traditionally core telecommunication fields.

Over the past few years, Deutsche Telekom’s international wholesale business has already shown considerable expansion and made great strides in a variety of sectors to improve connectivity. With the new name, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier also wants to make clear to customers and partners that they can receive all they require from a single source. These solutions range from an all-encompassing 360° Defense Strategy, global IPX platform, innovative roaming offerings as well as solutions in emergent areas such as A2P, IoT, M2M and AI.

As just one example of their pioneering achievements, Deutsche Telekom has been a leading partner in the ground-breaking European Aviation Network (EAN). It is the world’s first integrated LTE and satellite connectivity network that provides true high-capacity broadband access to passengers flying across Europe. EAN has been commercially available for several months with system installation already proceeding on several airline fleets.

To read more about the renamed international wholesale arm of Deutsche Telekom, please check out our Big Interview with Rolf Nafzifger, SVP, in our October/November magazine.

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