Orange converts its two US IP PoPs into IPX points

Orange converts its two US IP PoPs into IPX points

Orange International Carriers has strengthened its US positioning by converting two of its IP PoPs into IPX points to improve its quality of service.

The news was announced on Twitter in which the Tweet from @OrangeIC said:

We are strengthening our presence in existing #OTI PoPs in the United States ! Happy to say these new #IPX PoPs promote our highest quality services mission. — Orange IC (@OrangeIC) March 15, 2018

The two PoPs are physically located in Los Angeles on 7th Street and Palo Alto on Bryant Street. Speaking exclusively to Capacity, an Orange spokesperson said that the “PoPs have been in place for a long time, operating as IP PoPs for Orange OTI. This tweet was made as from now, they are also IPX PoPs.” Expanding on what this means for Orange’s wider growth strategy, the spokesperson continued: “It is part of an ongoing Orange plan to roll out new PoPs, in order to improve services and customer experience. Our strategy is to ensure the best quality of experience for our affiliates and for our external ISP customers. These PoPs strengthen the Orange position by adding IPX services to existing OTI services, and they improve customer experience by decreasing the round-trip delay time, because the traffic processed locally. Quality of service is improved because customers are connected via physical links instead of IPSec tunnels. Both US PoPs will enable connected mobile services operators to provide the Orange Wifi Roaming Carrier Grade using IPX.”

Looking ahead the company added that “Orange has a very ambitious plan for deployment of IP Transit and IPX PoPs over the next 2 years. The plan is to develop our presence in Europe in the major FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris) cities as well as in our affiliates’ countries, starting in Romania and Spain. Additionally, we will widely expand our presence in Africa and Middle East, deploying 11 additional PoPs,” added the spokesperson.

Orange Business group was recently named as number one in the 2017 global provider Ethernet leaderboard by Vertical Systems Group. The leaderboard ranks multinational Ethernet network companies that have a 4% or higher share of retail ports at sites outside of their respective home countries, and ranks the companies based on its market presence in this area. Orange kept its top spot from the previous year.

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