Digital Realty to build $1bn data centre in Dallas, Texas

Digital Realty to build $1bn data centre in Dallas, Texas

Digital Realty has revealed plans to build a $1.05 billion data centre campus in Garland, Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex region.

The 47.5 acre facility is to be built in three phases, amounting to $350 million each stage, and once completed will generate roughly 150MW of data centre power.

The company has been given a 40% abatement on property taxes for the next seven years, as part of a package of incentives by the city of Garland to entice Digital Realty to the region.

David Gwin, Garland’s director of economic development, said: “After many months of hard work and collaboration, we are extremely excited to partner with Digital Realty on this exciting new data centre campus project and look forward to many years of assisting them to grow and prosper in Garland."

Digital Realty has yet to confirm when it will begin work on building the complex but it has until 1 January 2021 to start construction in order to qualify for the tax incentives. 

The new campus, follows on from NTT-owned RangingWire’s multi-billion dollar facility which is in close proximity to the new Digital Realty site. In comparison, RangingWire’s facility produces close to 80MW of data centre power, making it one of the largest in North Texas.

Digital Realty's data centre real estate investment trust (REIT) has also been granted market-based rates by Garland Power & Light, which is the locally owned and operated electricity provider. 

“An advantageous location, aggressive public partner, access to quality infrastructure and a superior locally-owned and operated electricity provider in Garland Power & Light have all served to promote and secure this type of investment for the community. We look forward to many more projects and economic opportunities of this type in the future,” added Gwin.

In June of this year, Digital Realty and Equinix were named as the leaders on the colocation market. According to the report, thanks to Digital Realty’s merger with DuPont Fabros, it is set to maintain a narrow lead over Equinix/Verizon in the US.

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