FCC simplifies voice and broadband data collection

FCC simplifies voice and broadband data collection

The US regulator is planning to improve the accuracy and quality of its fixed, mobile voice and broadband service data.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said that it aims to improve the data collection process by removing unnecessary road blocks such as onerous data filing requirements.

The agency said it will seek comments from the public on its proposals and suggested changes to data collection legislation, though no official changes have yet been announced.

The FCC launched its data collection programme in 2000, under which providers are required to file twice a year. The FCC said it has identified revisions that would improve quality and ease burdens.

“Maintaining updated and accurate data about broadband deployment is critical to bridging the digital divide,” said FCC chairman, Ajit Pai.

“It lets us target our efforts to those areas that most need it. And it allows us to measure our progress in bringing digital opportunity to all Americans.”

This is one of a number of consultations that the FCC is conducting. It has started an inquiry into new opportunities in wireless broadband mid-band spectrum, between 3.7GHz and 24GHz, to ensure it is exploring all opportunities to meet the demand for spectrum.

Only last month, the FCC approved Apple’s application to begin testing 5G technology in the US, using 28GHz and 39GHz bands.

It has also taken steps to develop a consistent framework for licensees and create incentives needed to drive investment in wireless radio services and networks.

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