Equinix opens new flagship data centre in Frankfurt

Equinix opens new flagship data centre in Frankfurt

Equinix has announced the opening of its new flagship data centre in Frankfurt, its sixth exchange in the German city.

The new state of the art data centre, called FR6, is located on Equinix's Campus Kleyer part of the digital campus in Frankfurt and aims to provide increased capacity to support next generation applications in Europe.

Burkhard Kehrbusch, global head of information technology, GfK commented: "Earlier this year, we signed a service agreement with Equinix covering how all our EMEA data transfer will run via Equinix data centres by 2018. This partnership provides us with a scalable, cost-transparent access solution ensuring business-critical data is safeguarded with the highest levels of security. Lastly, the central location was a critical factor – Frankfurt is the ideal starting point for further expansion across Europe and the world."

The first phase of FR6 will add 1,325 cabinets and more than 72,000 gross square feet of data centre space. The facility has also been designed to meet the needs of enterprises that use data intensive applications, such as: electronic trading, data analytics, and IoT scenarios such as autonomous driving — which require IT deployments closer to the digital edge. It also offers, low-latency connectivity to Europe and international markets.

Companies can extend network infrastructure to the edge and enhance workload performance by shortening the distance between digital services and users. By providing the increased capacity in Frankfurt, Equnix effectively meets the needs, which businesses are demanding, increasing levels of interconnection to accelerate business performance.

Eric Schwartz, president, Equinix EMEA said: "Businesses are increasingly interdependent and cloud-enabled, and they depend on social, mobile, cloud, IoT and analytics to compete. The old way of doing business is diminishing and future success depends on interconnection. We also see companies putting infrastructure in more markets around the world to optimise performance at the digital edge. The new FR6 data centre gives businesses another option for direct and secure connectivity in this key international market, as IT becomes more distributed."

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