Mexican agency seeks offers for wholesale fibre network

Mexican agency seeks offers for wholesale fibre network

A Mexican state telecoms agency is planning to market wholesale services over its fibre network.

Telecomunicaciones de México (Telecomm) says it is about to submit proposals to the regulator, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) to use its fibres for voice or broadband data.

Jorge Juraidini, director of Telecomm, told the Milenio newspaper that the state agency will publish prices for lit fibre and ask for expressions of interest in dark fibres. Telecomm took over previous contracts with telecoms operators and wholesale carriers from the Federal Electricity Commission, which installed the fibres on its grid network.

Telecomm has asked for expressions of interest by 9 June in the core network in order to help it define the operating model.

The project should be “ready by June of the coming year”, Juraidini told the newspaper. “It is a very tight schedule but the interesting thing is that unlike the shared [network], this is a much simpler subject, obviously with less investment.”

Earlier this year the Mexican government awarded a contract to build a shared 4G wireless network, Red Compartida.

Telecomm has published a number of requests for proposals for its fibre network, Red Troncal – or “trunk network” – on its website.

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