82% of carriers eye DDoS protection opportunity

82% of carriers eye DDoS protection opportunity

A study into distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks has found that 82% of services providers see a “clear business opportunity” in providing premium DDoS protection services to their customers.

Cocero Network Security’s second annual study of service providers looked at key insights into the need to deploy DDoS protection across networks, and the benefits of operators positioning themselves as leading the battle with the increasing threat.

93% of telcos quizzed said they see DDoS mitigation as a high priority in relation to other security services offered to customers, with 37% ranking it as more important, and 56% giving it equal importance. This figure had grown 10% on the previous report.

82% said protection against DDoS was a business opportunity they could seize by offering DDoS protection as a service (DDPaaS). to customers.

This comes as a number of carriers, from NTT Communications to GlobeNet and Level 3, have begun expanding the portfolio of DDoS protection services they offer to customers.

Stephanie Weagle, Corero vice president of marketing at Cocero, explained: “Given that DDoS attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication, it’s not at all surprising that providers are prioritizing and enhancing DDoS mitigation service offerings, and understand the revenue opportunity that such a service brings to the table. 

“It’s much more cost effective—and less complicated—for a business to secure DDoS protection from their trusted provider.”

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