Tata Communications picked to host VICE Media's network

Tata Communications picked to host VICE Media's network

Tata Communications has been selected by VICE Media to build and host a completely cloud-based platform for global media asset management, storage, content contribution and distribution on its global network.

The platform will enable VICE’s hundreds of editors based in the US, Canada and the UK to access content captured anywhere in the world, with ease.

It is underpinned by Tata Com’s Media Ecosystem, which includes its Video Connect service offering speeds of up to 10Gbps for file transfer and remote collaboration services.

Tata Com will also provide its IZO Cloud Storage platform for access to data intensive video files that would traditionally be stored on-premise. . Additionally, Tata Communications has integrated VICE Media’s media asset management and file acceleration tools into the new bespoke platform, creating an end-to-end solution for around 5,000 VICE Media employees around the world.

"We need a powerful, well connected platform that enables us to collaborate as if we were together in the same location. Working with Tata Communications, we are able to get a LAN experience in a WAN environment, underpinned by the company’s global network." - Ariel Rubio, VICE president of IT at VICE Media

It will be underpinned by what Tata claims is the world’s largest subsea fibre network of its kind, with over 25% of today’s internet routes travelling over Tata Communications’ network.

“VICE Media’s needs reflect a growing trend in the media and entertainment market, whereby there is a huge pressure to quench audiences’ thirst for live events, big and small, as they happen around the world, and bring viewers enhanced experiences through higher quality formats such as 4K and UHD,” said Brian Morris, VP and GM of global media and entertainment services at Tata Communications. 

“In this high-pressure environment that is being transformed by digital technologies, you need an infrastructure that is completely integrated across media asset management, storage, content contribution and distribution. That is what we are creating for VICE Media, with the aim of empowering the company continue on its path of phenomenal growth in this rapidly evolving market.”

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