BICS launches voice roaming firewall service

BICS launches voice roaming firewall service

BICS has today launched what it claims to be the “first of its kind in the industry” voice roaming firewall service, helping its customers to block outbound roamer fraudulent voice call attempts in real-time.

The launch by the global wholesale carrier for voice, mobile data and capacity services, is welcome news to an industry in which roaming contributed significantly to the $38.1 billion worth of fraud losses estimated by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).

“As more and more cases of fraud are reported by service providers, it is clear the industry is in need of a more proactive and reliable solution to help detect, prevent and eventually eliminate fraud,” said Katia Gonzalez, head of fraud prevention operations and services at BICS.

“Our longstanding credentials in this space – 15 years of experience, carrying approximately 30 billion minutes per year from more than 1,000 customers – has enabled us to create a solution that will help mobile operators to combat fraud head on. By sharing knowledge and collaborating with our partners, our fraud intelligence database has already helped block 550+ million minutes of fraudulent traffic on our carrier platform and we anticipate our new Voice Roaming Firewall solution will achieve so much more for our customers.”

Earlier this year, BICS reported that annual data roaming traffic is tripling in volume across its global network, which has been driven by LTE roaming.

The new fraud prevention solution provides around the clock, automated and fully managed services which provides users with greater visibility and control on outbound roaming voice traffic. It taps into BICS’ crowdsourced database, covering 50+ million fraudulent numbers around the world.

Innovative fraud prevention service provides mobile operators with proactive control over fraud attempts within outbound roaming voice traffic.

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