Huawei unveils 25G DOCSIS prototype at Cable-Tec Expo

Huawei unveils 25G DOCSIS prototype at Cable-Tec Expo

Huawei has launched the world’s first 25G DOCSIS prototype at the 2016 Cable-Tec Expo, supporting 3GHz spectrum and a 25Gbps downstream rate.

The solution represents a new milestone for coaxial cables, according to the Chinese vendor, as it is the first 3GHz solution. The Expo was held in Philadelphia, US.

While previous DOCSIS solutions supported a maximum off 32 channels with a 1.6Gbps downstream bandwidth, DOCSIS 3.1 uses multi-channel bonding and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) technologies to enable a maximum downstream rate of 10Gbps.

A prototype, based on high frequency bandwidth amplification and digital non-linear compensation, to support a maximum downstream rate of 25Gbps. Huawei also predicted the new technology will be able to support a symmetric upstream and downstream rate of 25Gbps.

Jeff Wang, president of Huawei's Access Network product line, said, "Huawei, relying on accumulated ultra-bandwidth technologies and the integrated platform that supports multi-media Gigabit access, has constantly been making innovations in coaxial cable technologies. 

“The release of the 25G DOCSIS 3.1 prototype will surely increase MSOs' confidence in building Gigabit networks with existing coaxial cables."

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