BICS reports network data traffic triples

BICS reports network data traffic triples

BICS said today that annual data roaming traffic is tripling in volume across its global network.

BICS, the global voice carrier and provider of mobile data services, said today that annual data roaming traffic is tripling in volume across its global network. Driven by LTE roaming, the industry has seen huge data roaming adoption rates over the past two years with subscribers eager to access high quality, next-generation services abroad.

The explosion in roaming is explained by BICS as primarily due to the availability of data and mobile broadband services across all regions. With mobile operators making more use of business intelligence and analytics to offer personalised roaming experiences, subscribers are encouraged to avoid roaming silently and are using more data roaming than ever before.

With an extensive global reach of 770 mobile networks, BICS now provides roaming hubbing solutions to 170 customers worldwide, enabling around 1 billion global mobile subscribers to benefit from an unbroken roaming experience across the entire range of voice, messaging and data services. BICS enables service providers to establish easily and expand their international roaming coverage while introducing value added services to stimulate overseas usage and replicate the home service experience abroad.

BICS’ roaming hubbing solution is the first fully global integrated LTE platform supporting both single and multi-IMSI technologies, minimising operators’ efforts, costs and deployment times through one single interconnection and end-to-end quality management. BICS’ roaming suite of services is based on its market leading IPX platform. This enables mobile operators to exchange IP traffic bilaterally with any IPX destination and to provide next-generation data roaming services to subscribers.

Earlier this year BICS announced it had a reach of 367 mobile operators in 132 countries.

Mikael Schachne, VP Mobile Data Business, BICS said: “We continue to register impressive growth rates of the data roaming traffic on our global network, and this growth trajectory is set to continue as more subscribers are encouraged to use the full range of communications services while abroad. There is no doubt that the availability of LTE roaming services and reliance on mobile data has been key to this trend, further boosted by operators offering more competitive and personalised bundles.”

“In order to manage this demand, BICS supports mobile operators with state-of-the-art transport, signalling and analytics infrastructure which, together with our unique and patented roaming hubbing solution, offers a seamless environment for establishing and managing a global roaming footprint in a quick and efficient way.”

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