Panasonic and Telinta collaborate to automate ITSP deployments of SIP phones

Panasonic and Telinta collaborate to automate ITSP deployments of SIP phones

Telinta has completed interoperability testing of the latest series SIP-based telephones from Panasonic.

Panasonic’s SIP UTG200/300 series passed a variety of interoperability tests including basic functionality, advanced calling features, scalability and reliability. The SIP phones are designed to support business-class services delivered to enterprises by internet telephony service provider (ITSP) customers.

In a bid to help streamline phone deployments, the company has developed auto-provisioning profiles for select models of Panasonic’s enterprise-grade SIP phones. The profiles are said to enable ITSPs to quickly automate deployments of Panasonic SIP phones via Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform.

It also allows ITSPs to perform phone provisioning, feature activation and other key processes such as billing and customer management – all on the same platform – easily managing their business via Telinta’s web-based interface.

ITSPs can create their inventory of Panasonic phones using Telinta’s carrier-grade VoIP switching platform. When Panasonic’s SIP phones are connected to an IP network, they will automatically connect to Telinta’s platform to instantly download a complete configuration profile.

“Auto-provisioning profiles are important examples of how Telinta’s cloud-based switching and billing solutions help ITSPs to win in the marketplace,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta. “Panasonic’s high-quality SIP phones, deployed with Telinta’s automated provisioning solution, can cut deployment time and costs, while improving customer satisfaction.”

Kim Murtagh, senior product manager of Telinta, said: “We are pleased to work with Telinta to expand the interoperability of our SIP phones, ensuring our customers can take full advantage of the rich feature set to meet their communications needs via Telinta’s hosted TeliCore platform. Together, Panasonic is committed to delivering high quality, fully interoperable and cost-effective communications solutions for all our business customers’ needs.”