Telekom Austria’s Macedonian subsidiary launches 4G

Telekom Austria’s Macedonian subsidiary, Vip Operator, has launched a 4G LTE network in the country.

The network reportedly delivers a ten-fold increase in transmission speeds compared to a 3G network and offers the largest coverage in the Republic of Macedonia, reaching 40% of the population.

“The introduction of 4G LTE services marks another important milestone in the company’s race for innovation and superior customer experience,” said Nikola Ljushev, CEO at Vip Operator. “At the same time, it helps us further improve our competitiveness in the market.”

Vip Operator acquired one of three available LTE frequency blocks in July last year, and its network now covers seven cities in Macedonia.

The Macedonian operator becomes the third Telekom Austria subsidiary to have rolled out 4G LTE services, following launches by Si.mobil in Slovenia and Vipnet in Croatia.

“LTE represents a world of opportunities and acts as a major catalyst for future app developments and data traffic growth, thus playing a central role for the telecommunications industry at large,” said Günther Ottendorfer, CTO Telekom Austria Group.

“The roll-out of 4G LTE technology marks an important step for the further development of our markets, enabling our customers to access the latest technologies and meet all of their multimedia requirements.”

In March, Telekom Austria appointed Gernot Rasch as CMO of Vip Operator.