Telstra expands data centre capabilities

Telstra expands data centre capabilities

Telstra Global has announced the expansion of its "Connected Colocation" capability and coverage, in response to growing demand for robust and high-performance cloud solutions across the world.

The company has also expanded and integrated six data centre locations in Asia, Australia and North America, with the moves intended to allow for new connectivity across a single integrated service level agreement.

As part of the expansions, it has added 155 new racks of medium and high-density capacity in Sydney’s Central Business District at the Sydney (Broadway) data centre. The company has also expanded its data centre space across North America in LA, Chicago, New York and San Jose.

In Asia, it has extended data centre coverage via a new Tokyo facility, while also increasing the availability of low-latency network services from its Singapore data centre.

“These capabilities will meet the rapidly growing demand for integrated network and cloud services from our media and financial organisations,” said Martin Bishop, head of network application and services portfolio at Telstra Global.

“The expanded offering showcases a level of innovation that is designed to serve our customers seeking the flexibility of cloud computing solutions for their businesses,” Bishop added.

Telstra Global’s “Connected Colocation” solution is now offered from 18 data centres worldwide, with an extensive range of network connectivity options which extend to over 1,400 PoPs in more than 230 countries and territories.

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