BICS IPX platform enhances global LTE footprint

BICS IPX platform enhances global LTE footprint

BICS has reportedly enabled LTE roaming over its IPX platform, for mobile operators in North America, Europe and Asia.

Swiss-backed Swisscom and SK Telecom in South Korea can now offer subscribers international LTE roaming in Canada, through an agreement with Rogers Communications, and vice versa.

BICS’s IPX network and Diameter signalling service hope to enable the three operators to meet increasing customer demand for high-speed data roaming.

"The launch of LTE roaming to customers of Swisscom, SK Telecom and Rogers marks the start of a new era for international roaming services,” said Mikaël Schachne, VP of mobile data business at BICS.

“We are supporting the data-roaming needs of over 200 operators worldwide and we anticipate that these, and other service providers, will see the value in migrating to IPX to offer LTE services to their customers.”

IPX allows mobile operators to exchange any bilateral IP traffic – such as voice, video and data services – with any IPX destination, through a single interconnection.

The traffic can reportedly be transported with low latency and guaranteed quality of service in a fully secure environment.

“Virtually any operator can connect to the BICS IPX network, including MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs, fixed network operators, ISPs and ASPs,” Schachne explained.

“By doing so, they become part of a private cloud, facilitating access to Next Generation IP-based hubbing services and offering customers the highest-quality data services available.”

Last month, BICS launched its roaming intelligence solution, SMART Webvision, to monitor 2G, 3G and 4G roaming traffic.

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