ViaWest Las Vegas data centre selected by eLynx

ViaWest Las Vegas data centre selected by eLynx

Data centre provider ViaWest has announced that eLynx Technologies is expanding its IT infrastructure through its facilities in Las Vegas.

eLynx has outsourced its collocation services to ViaWest, citing the benefits of ViaWest’s geographically dispersed and secure data centre as reasons for the move.

The data centre is scheduled to open in Q4 2012, and will be designed for extreme fault tolerance and high availability, with a span of 70,000sqm of floor space.

“eLynx has been very impressed with the high degree of responsiveness from the ViaWest team,” said Ryan McDonald, IT director at eLynx. “By collocating our disaster recovery infrastructure with ViaWest, we’ve been able to rely on their expert staff to hand management and operations of our data centre space rather than implementing an in house solution.”

ViaWest regional VP sales commented on the huge popularity of the Las Vegas area for companies in selecting primary or secondary sites for the data. eLynx selected ViaWest as part of its disaster recovery plan, and the region is deemed as low risk. ViaWest will operate three data centres in Las Vegas collectively by the end of the year, with over 100,000 square feet of raised floor space.

eLynx is based in Oklahoma and provides web-based monitoring and field automation services for the oil and gas industry.

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