AT&T outlines billion dollar cybersecurity opportunity

AT&T outlines billion dollar cybersecurity opportunity

US carrier AT&T has reportedly predicted a $1 billion opportunity in the enterprise cybersecurity market.

Frank Jules, president of AT&T’s global enterprise unit, told Reuters that companies will double or triple spending on cybersecurity in the coming years as attacks grow more sophisticated and more frequent.

On AT&T’s own networks, attacks have doubled in the past four months and become more targeted.

"We see them on a daily basis and they are now getting smaller instead of coming in huge waves, which were easier for us to detect," Jules told the newswire.

"Every chief information officer at major corporations that I meet wants to talk about security. I think this will be a $40 billion market one day."

Jules said that AT&T’s cybersecurity strategy was to accompany large multinational companies as they expand overseas to provide them with more than just connectivity, including products and services like security and M2M.

He also commented on some of the recent M&A activity in the US market, with Softbank looking to buy a 70% stake in Sprint for $20.1 billion and T-Mobile attempting a merger with MetroPCS.

"We wish we were able to buy T-Mobile, but we weren't permitted to do that. This new Sprint will be a competitor that we'll watch very closely," he said.

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