Mobile voice revenue in Iran expected to reach $6 billion in 2012
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Mobile voice revenue in Iran expected to reach $6 billion in 2012

Mobile voice revenue in Iran is expected to increase to $6 billion in 2012, according to a report from Pyramid Research.



This is expected to increase further to $6.1 billion in 2013, although the report warns of a fall in revenue to $5.7 billion in 2016 as a result of the global decline in mobile voice.

Iran’s telecoms market was expected to generate $10.1 billion in revenue in 2011, the majority of which was to come from the mobile sector, which has expanded steadily since a second mobile operator entered the market in 2007.

Iran’s fixed broadband market is also showing strong growth, spurred by the strong performances of WiMAX operators and encouragement by Iran’s government, which is making broadband deployment a priority. Broadband revenue is estimated to grow from $534 million in 2011 to $1.2 billion by 2016. This will be supported by the recent legalisation of VoIP.

Scrutiny from Iran’s government is likely to be a key factor in determining the speed of development for the domestic telecoms sector. Sanctions against the country are also likely to delay the procurement of new telecoms technology.

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