Nokia, stc optimise network with AI-powered SON solution in Saudi

Nokia, stc optimise network with AI-powered SON solution in Saudi

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Nokia has deployed MantaRay Cognitive SON, its AI-powered self-organising networks solution in stc Group’s commercial network for the first time.

MantaRay SON is an optimisation and automation platform that uses self-configuring modules to boost network performance and efficiency, Nokia says.

Mikko Lavanti, head of MEA at Nokia said: “Through our collaboration with stc Group, Nokia is transforming the optimisation of radio networks with the integration of AI.

“Our MantaRay Cognitive SON solution, equipped with sophisticated AI algorithms, represents a quantum leap in autonomous network operations – a global first in its deployment by stc Group. This AI-driven innovation has redefined standards for network performance, ensuring robust and consistent service for customers even during peak usage periods.

“Together with stc, we will continue exploring new use cases for Cognitive SON to achieve further efficiency enhancements.”

The solution can be tailored and deployed to optimise specific software applications and to address unique operational challenges.

Cognitive SON was implemented in a period of high traffic, during which it processed over 10,000 actions, resulting in an increased utilisation rate of around 30% on loaded cells and a 10% average improvement on user throughput.

Despite traffic increasing by 40% during this period, stc’s network maintained consistent connectivity. Autonomous RAN operations also reduce manual work and improve network quality, the companies said in a release.

“stc and Nokia are pioneering a new era where AI revolutionises the telecom industry,” Haithem Al Faraj, CTO at stc Group said.

“This technology not only minimises human error and improves quality but also allows networks to operate autonomously and efficiently, while humans remain essential in guiding and maximising the outcomes from machine learning."

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